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Katsura Hoshino-sensei talks about Howard Link!

Нашла на тамблире **
П.с. брови...Хошино-сенсееей ,я вас обожаю %DDD

---What kind of impression of Link do you have, sensei?
“The fact that he’s become good-looking and his bangs have grown longer is striking (laughs). I thought about sticking to his helmet-like hairstyle, but as the story progressed, I changed his hair a little to show that time had passed. Due to this, Link’s current appearance has now fixed itself in my mind.”
---I feel like he’s also changed a lot on the inside since his debut.
“Originally, Link was absolutely obedient to Lvellie and single-minded. He was one of the few people by Lvellie’s side. He was nothing more but Lvellie’s puppet at first but as the story progressed, I started to feel that Link has more of a will of his own that I ever imagined. My image of him changed as I continued drawing him. In that sense, he became a character with a backbone. I’m fond of him, how should I put it, he’s cute (laughs).”
---Link once passed Allen rice gruel with a message that bad-mouths Lvellie written on it.
“I think that to Link, who has a high regard for Lvellie, it was fairly humiliating (laughs). When Jeryy passed him the rice gruel, I think he was torn between conflicting feelings. Torn between “How dare he!” and “Walker might eat it if it looks like this...”
---What visual aspect do you pay most attention to?
“Definitely his eyebrows! But because his bangs are longer now, his eyebrows are currently partly hidden. I’m in a pickle... Link’s eyebrows were his strong point but now... What should I do? (smiles wryly)”
---What is his image-color?
“Golden. His hair color has somehow turned into his image-color, I guess (laughs).”
---What for highlights will Link have from this time on?
“Link is appearing and working more than ever! That’s because when Lvellie moves, Link also gets busier (laughs). Link fans, please look forward to future developments!”
(T/N: Remember, this book was released on July 4th 2011, the same time
as chapter 206.)

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Ыть С;

Раз уж не с кем обсудить дигру по которой я начал задродиться,то буду сюда всё писать хд (выкрутился,ну хд)
Арты по Линклену занимают 2 место по количеству (в тэге Аллена по крайней мере %)) ,после Юлена . Я считаю это победа %D

Так-с,а вот ,собственно, дигреевские тэги:
Юлен アレ神

Канда 神田ユウ

Говард Линк ハワード・リンク

Линклен アレリン

Аллен アレン・ウォーカー

КаЛина 神リナ

И я опять потерял Бак Чана :<

А ещё пара эпичных фраз :D
***Только Аллен мог довести кудере до цундерешности*** (Линклен ,ога хд)

***Я - *отправила арт с Линком*
Спейн - Он похож на голландца,который любит упарываться гашишем
Я - Да ну тебя,он вообще тортики любит готовить хд
Спейн - Он любит готовить гашишные тортики ***

***Грегори Бэнкс: Наверное, Линклен можно в целом охарактеризовать одной фразой: "Во имя тортиков, сэр!"***


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